Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pencil Pryde

We have a rather fun drawing week going on at the moment. Requiring the group to reflect upon their drawing styles and further develop this by producing a final drawing in whatever medium they wish. While this is not my final drawing (much the contrary since this is my first) it is a lot different to the way I usually draw. Lately I have became incredibly bored with my personal way of drawing because it was so "samey", and as a result of this I felt I wasn't developing as an artist. So I am trying to teach myself to draw again by just letting go.

Something else that occurred to me was that since leaving sixth form when I was 18, I hadn't used only pencils for a drawing once. In 2 years I'd used them for sketching and nothing else. It wasn't until today I truly realised how nice they are to draw with.

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